This thread will be for suggestions the users on this wiki may have. If you have an idea for the wiki, please post it as a reply to this message. Also, please stick to the below rules to make maximum potential out of your idea:

  1. Please obey the "Message Walls" section on the Site Rules page, while posting on this thread.
  2. When stating your idea, please make it 2+ paragraphs long, and make it detailed so I will be able to further invest in your idea.
  3. Please only list 1 idea per reply.
  4. Only make comments about YOUR ideas, so please avoid doing the following: Writing down an idea twice, writing down an idea someone else already thought of, and commenting on others ideas.
  5. Finally, do not harass me on chat to answer your questions about ideas, I will get to them when I can.

Your answers will be a reply to your thread post.