Blala I have another efficient way of people earning Zeni.

I'm offereing this as another way to "earn zeni" seeing as there is a VERY limited number of places to work and even the main job slots are taking up faster than you can say: "Did."

Okay here it goes:

Bounty Board Idea

How will it be ran by? By some subsidiaries like maybe Zane, UG or Luka but it will be primarily under controll by Me of course derp

For a week I'll post one person on the bounty board that is either considered to be a capture alive or kill on sight. Those that particpate and agree with the terms of the bounty will be giving the following items.

*Energy Containment Grenade - Hits the target with a power array of stasis energy, immediately trapping them on sight. Can only be used on targets below 5k hp.

*Haley-Con Stun Darts - A stun dart that immediately stuns the target in place. Can only be used on targets below 5 hp.

Next is the Number of Zeni you'll get for capturing Alive vs Number of Zeni you'll get for termination:


Bounty Name: Talz "Bushmonster" Jr. II

Race: Unknown

Level: Depends I wanna make it for those that are High Value Targets must be a level over 30+ or more

Bounty: 1,000,000 if terminated on sight; 1,500,000 if captured alive.

Location: Laguna Presa IV

Another thing the HVTs will have like a specific ability that makes then rather vulnerable of the opportunity presents itself. And the requirement is that you bring along three other people to assist soloing it is suicide(Unless of course you are over Level 50).

I will also have a Low Value Target section where people below level 20 or less can take down gang leaders or people that are a threat but not like HVT's. They can be solo'd. 


Bounty Name: UNO-Man

Race: Human

Level: 5

Description: Illegal Espionage, Trespassing and Implied Blackmail

Bounty: 5,000Z if terminated, 10,000Z if brought in alive. 

Location: Earth

There thats all I got. Basically if it's a LVT I'll probably post 2/3 and then when the low levels are ready, I'll confirm your battle helpers the same. ^^