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Real Trainers

This may or may not be an idiotic question, but how exactly does one get a real DB trainer to train them? Also, does it matter who you pick? For example, if I picked Yamcha instead of Goku, would I get worse training?

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Real dragon ball character trainers will be given out when administrators feel that a user has met the following criteria:

  • Active atleast every other day on the wiki or chat.
  • Participation in events.
  • Combat skills that can be inproved.

If your character meets these criteria, chances are your character will receive a character to train as.

The character you receive as your training will represent which role the administrators think he plays in the story that we're creating on DBZRP. This can be altered, however, with an in-game item that will let you choose your own trainer.

If you or any other users have further questions about this topic, feel free to ask!

Blalafoon TalkContribs 20:59, May 8, 2014 (UTC)


I see, thanks.

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