So the battles on this wiki are superb.  Let me start with that, it is very nice how I can battle my friends (and not so good friends) and be able to watch my character mature over time.  I for one like how my opinion matters to some people, and how the Administrators are all kind and caring and what not.  SO this is not a blight or complaint so much as just a suggestion (always start with positive).

So for my first suggestion.  I wanted to ask for more Role-play things.  Like for instance, titles should be awarded to characters that have made certain accomplishments (Like WMAT winner should be the Champ for that year or however long until they have to compete again).  And there should of course be an actual Mayor or King like in the show, one that is voted on by the users or fights to become the most dominant player on the wiki.  

There should be more story, less technicality in the sagas.  Like the amount of fighting in Polisas City is a bit insane, characters just dying and very little actual Role-play.  I'd be more than happy to help write things or help others, and I'm open to any and all aid.  But I do think there should be more cities on Earth, with more things to do in them.  A city shouldn't be a glorified meet and battle place, it should be a place of culture, excitement.  Fireworks!  And sure that sounds crazy, but how many here actually want to just Role-play with their characters and not just worry about strength (because it is what only seems to matter).

Let's put the Role-play back into Dragon Ball Z Role-Playing WIki.  And build families, legacies and so much more.  Let there be a royal bloodline, a throne (maybe a parliment/council to go with it) and exciting adventures.  The story of DBZ didn't stop with GT after all.

Just a suggestion is all.