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Alissa the Wise Wolf
• 5/12/2014

White Wolf Samurai (Fan Fiction WIP)

White Wolf Samurai'

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By Alissa Rosietta'












'                                                                               'Chapter 1

'                                          ' 

I lay there, in my bed, staring at the alarm clock. I had just smashed it because I’m not feeling well. My stomach’s been cramping all morning. “Ugh…why must I suffer this?” I ask myself. What was wrong with me that morning, I have no idea. I would find out sooner or later. I sat up, looked around in my room, and yawned a few times. It was just another day, or so I thought. I started going to a school this year. I had been home schooled all my life, so my parents decided that I should make some friends. As a result, we relocated to small settlement of about 3,000 residents. On this planet, a small town would be the equivalent of a large city on Earth. Gives you an Idea of how big my home planet is, doesn’t it.'

Apparently, Mama and Papa got a new job down here. I forget what the name of the town was, but it was nice and quaint. My twin brother is the Emperor of the Gigians, so he got “house” built for us. I say this in such a way because; it’s a fucking palace by my standards. Twenty stories high and over 700 rooms! Seriously, this place is too big for only three residents, so we hired some servants to live here. I’m fine with the servants and all, but my parents decided to put the head butler in charge of me. I’m not a little kid anymore, mom, so stop treating me like I’m four!'

Anyway, let’s get back on track! I looked around; the smell of moisture filled my room. I left the window open last night to give me a cool breeze to sleep to. I think to myself, “I wonder if Xeon is waiting for me.” I visualize Xeon leaning against my door frame with a rose in his mouth and wearing a suit loosely, saying, “Come with me, beautiful” My face turns red as I enjoy the thought, even though he’s my friend at the moment. I stand up quickly and stop abruptly. My vision goes blurry and I start to stumble around…head rush. “So dizzy…” I mumble.'

'I finally regain my balance and walk towards my bedroom balcony.  I open the sliding door and walk to the edge. “It’s so pleasant outside', I wonder if Xeon is waiting for me.”

====================At Xeon’s House======================'

Xeon is sleeping up a storm, snoring as loud as a train.'

====================My House==========================='

“That would be nice~” I hum.'

“So, are you ready for school yet?” said someone behind me suddenly. “EEK!” I screamed, for whoever was behind me gave me quite the fright. I turn around only to see it is the head butler, Jim. “Oh, it’s only you, Jim.” I said relieved. “I see that you aren’t ready yet, Milady, so I will leave your quarters.” said Jim as he left my room.'

''Well, that was definitely not appreciated. Barging in on me like that, he didn’t even bother to check if I was getting dressed.” I say as I start taking off my night gown, “Do any of these butlers have any disregard for a lady’s privacy!” I finish.

“Milady, there’s been a-.” said one of the butlers as he barged into my room. I was in the middle of putting on my school uniform. “Uhh…I guess it can wait.” said the butler. I glared at him with anger.'

I finish putting on my uniform and start to head out the door, when my Mom suddenly stops me at the door, “Felecia dear, why do you continuously forget to put on your tie, you’ll get detention if you don’t wear it!” she exclaims as she starts to put on my tie for me. “B-b-but I-I-I don’t like it.” I said, ending with a mumble. “Trust me dear, you look fine.” She said. I don’t like things around my neck. I have a fear that they’ll choke me, however, my mom hasn’t seem to have caught on. I start to panic, I desperately need to get rid of this tie. My mom starts to tighten it. I visualize my head popping off and start to squirm. My breathing speeds up to hyperventilation. I squirm and shake. I start screaming. I was having a panic attack. I tear the tie off my neck and throw it on the ground. My mom looked at me with the strangest of looks. “What was that all about?” she asked. “Mom, I have a fear of things around my neck, please, PLEASE, don’t do that ever again.” I said.  “Okay, okay, I’m sorry.” My mom goes over to me and hugs me. “BLAH!!!!” I cough. “mum yer uficing ee!” I try to say. “Huh?” my mom says and lets me go. I gasp for air desperately and try to regain my breath. “Mom, please, let’s be a little gentler with the hugs!” I exclaimed. I look at the clock on the wall. My eyes grew wide. The clock said 8:03. “I-I-I” I start to take off, “IIIIIIIIIII’M LAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” I scream as I sprinted through the halls.

I exploded through the front door and into the road. Just then I heard a horn. I looked to my left to see a hover craft hurtling towards me. I froze with fear. The horn screamed louder. Then suddenly something hit me. I was hurled across the street, and was placed gently on the sidewalk.

“Damn, that was a close one, better be more cautious next time, Felecia.” said a man standing in front of me. He turned around and looked at me with a big smile on his face. I couldn’t see the rest of his face because he was so tall, and his smile was creepy, so I did what I thought was natural. “RAPE! RAPE!”

“What?” the man knelt down, “Felecia, it’s me, Xeon.”

I look up and see his face, unusually close to mine. My face turns red as a I look down at his lips, for they were so close to mine. “Are you okay, Felecia?” said Xeon, however, I couldn’t hear him. I was preoccupied visualizing him kissing me. Xeon starts snapping his fingers, getting my attention. “Hello? Earth to Felecia?”


“Hello, welcome back to reality Miss Space-out. Now let’s get to school, we’re going to be late if you keep this up!” says Xeon as he grabs my hand and drags me to school.


It’s the beginning of 1st Block. I’m sitting at my desk, board out of my mind already. I am very smart, but I’ve always disliked school. I’m constantly picked on by my classmates because of my hair colour. Not to mention my height as well, for I am the shortest person in the school at a miniscule 4’11”. I twirl my pencil in my hand staring at the board. 'I’m supposed to be watching the news like everyone else because this is my Current Events class room. The news is talking about tensions rising between the east and west districts of the empire. I could care less though, cause I’m thinking about how to confess my love to Xeon.

We’ve been friends since preschool. I started developing feelings for him after he saved me from this creepy man that had kidnapped me while we were in the 4th grade. I remember hugging the life out of him after he was finished with my character. If I am correct, I believe I did give him a kiss after he asked me to let go.

Suddenly the intercom springs to life. “STUDENTS! STUDENTS! THIS IS NOT A DRILL! PLEASE MAKE YOUR WAY TO THE WAR SHELTER BENEATH THE SCHOOL!” I look up in confusion, then I turn my attention to the window. Right before my eyes was the scariest sight I have ever seen. One of the airships from the Imperial Air Navy was flying towards the village. Amidst the panic to get out of the room, I was knocked on the floor and trampled.

When I came to a few minutes later, I noticed that I was alone. I went to the door and found it to be locked. I was trapped, and doomed to a fiery death. I ran to the window and tried to smash through it. Instead of shattering the window I broke my shoulder. I couldn’t move my arm, and when I looked up, towards the airship, I grew even more hopeless. The cannons, they were aimed right at my classroom. I watched in horror as they charged up. I close my eyes, lay down, and start to cry. I don’t want to die. I screamed. I screamed as hard as I could, I screamed to the top of my lungs, “XEOOOOOOOOOOOOOOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Just then, the ship unleashed its cannons. I stood up as the floor, walls, and ceiling exploded into fragments and splinters. The shockwave kicked me back and threw me against the wall opposite the windows. Everything went black.



Chapter 2

I feel cold, so very cold. It’s dark. I can’t see anything. It’s quiet. I can’t hear anything. Where am I? The air here is heavy, and hot to the nose. I see a light. Someone’s calling me.

“Felecia! Wake up Felecia!”

“WAKE UP DAMMIT!” I feel a sharp pain as I start to open my eyes. “Xeon?” I mumble.

“FELECIA!” Thank god you’re alive.” Xeon picks me up. “We need to get out of here!” Xeon exclaims as he carries me on his shoulders. I look around. I see one of the students, or at least I think it was a person. The body was completely turned inside out and all over the floor and walls. I grow sick to my stomach from the mere sight of the blood. The I notice that Xeon is taking us away from the flaming rubble. “Wait, what about the War Shelter?” I ask.

“That Shelter couldn’t protect us from shit.” Xeon states very clearly as he tosses me into the back of a hover craft. “We’ll use the smoke and flames as cover to get away.” Xeon explains.

“But what about our families?”

“It’s too late, Would you rather survive than die?”

“I’d rather live.”

I look back at the burning village. I see the bottom of the airship open up and a beam erupts from it, vaporizing everything below. I also see something like a column of flames erupt from the ground destroying the airship. I gasp. I think of what could have gone wrong to have destroyed the ship in such a way. Then I think of my family. Tears run down my face. I feel a knot in my chest. I turn to Xeon; he looks at me with sympathy. I fall over and cry in his chest. “W-why Xeon? WHY DOES THERE ALWAYS HAVE TO BE WAR! Why does it have to take the ones I love most away from me?” I cry myself to sleep in his arms as we grew farther and farther away from the smoldering village.

I wake to the sounds of nature around me. When I sit up, I come face to face with a grave stone. “Uhhh, what am I doing in a graveyard?”

“Oh, you’re awake. I just got back from the small town down the road from here for some supplies.” says Xeon.


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Alissa the Wise Wolf
• 5/12/2014

It glitched again, oh well, this time it actually looks cool.

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