Okay so I've had this in my head for a while since I saw the guideline pages.

Why don't I go into photoshop and make a Skill Tree/XP/Level List photo?

Swtor-annihilation-marauder-dps-class-guide-build thumb It'll look something like that but instead it will list the respective Race choice then list the number of xp you earn per level and any set bonuses you receive under your Race's specifications as you level.

For the XP Tree it will start with basic XP earned(aka Starting XP Goals from Level 1 all the way to 'end' game level of 75 unless this changes)

For the Skill Tree it will show a respective race i.e. Ice-jin = the choice of two perks and if you were lucky and got the 'Legendary' it will also list benefits from that as well.

In-short, this means that:

1. You start out with a Basic Class(Saiyan) then if you earn Legendary or anything else you become a Advance Class of that basic class i.e. Saiyan > Saiyan Hybrid(1); Saiyan > Legendary Saiyan(2)

I personally believe people might enjoy reading the guidelines/race/xp goal pages if they were visual displayed. Of course it might be fine just to leave it as it is but I think some people would get the jist of the idea of a pictorial view of what to expect!