I just got news that, since my virtual schools school year is ending, they'r requiring me to send my laptop back, this means that I'll have to use a different computer, which I conveniently got for 200$.

Now, since I'm moving computers, that means the minecraft server file data will have to be moved around, I'll have a new IP address, new ports, etc. This means I'm going to have to tweak the server a bit.

So, I'm giving you all options of what we can do with the server:

  1. Transfer our current 1.7.4 server to my new computer.
  2. Make a new 1.7.9 server, starting all over from the beginning.
  3. Wait until 1.8 to make a new server.
  4. Use bukkit/mods to make a minecraft server with extra goodies.

Post in a reply which option you'd like to see done with the server. Thanks!