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• 4/18/2017

Patches to Weapons

This could possible go alongside that of Alpha's suggestion of Modifiable Weapons. As one might be able to note, there have been special items in the past that grant whoever wields them a special ablity. One of the prime examples has to be The Natch's Twin Swords of Flashing Light, or Ultimate's Dark Plasma Ray Gun. These weapons were actioned off and won by these people, but doesn't it seem a bit unfair that everyone else is stuck with bland one swords and guns that do the same thing over and over again? (My awnser to this is maybe not. >:D)

With that said, I believe I've come up with a addition that might make things a bit more fair. The ablity to add patches to weapons to not only make them more diverse, but also give them a new special ablity of some kind to aid in battle. These ablities can range from taking a certain number of stats from an opponent per swing, to actually causing them to feel some sort of sickness of some kind (bleeding, posion, etc) for a certain number of turns. 

The question would proably something like....

  • Q:"How many patches can be placed on a single weapon?"
    • A:This is where the repair shop comes in. Normal store bought weapons would only be able to have 1 patch on at a time. Howeverm if someone where to go to the repair shop and put on say a broze reinforcement, then maybe they would gain half the effects of a patch, and so on. 
  • Q:"How many patches would special weapons get?"
    • A:Special Auction weapons would get two open patch slots instead of one, since they are naturally more powerful then just normal weapons.
  • Q:"How will the power of patches be decided?"
    • A:The rarer and greater the patch, the better they are and the less they have in stock?
  • Q:"Will there always be the same patch in the store?"
    • A:This is yet to be decied, but each time the shop is restocked, new patches of new kinds will be added, much like how new planets appear in pto.
  • Q: "where would these be sold? The shop seems to be full as is."
    • A: That is why these won't be sold in the shop, but actually sold on the instead.

Anymore questions (since it's proably confusing as all hell) please ask below

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• 6/7/2014

"With that said, I believe I've come up with a addition that might make things a bit more fair." -Regarding special weapons, and then you go on to say: "Special Auction weapons would get two open patch slots instead of one, since they are naturally more powerful then just normal weapons." 

Seems like your condradicting yourself to me. Anyways, the idea is still nonetheless a good one. 

EDIT: I thought about this, and Alpha's post for a while, and my only concern is that these modifications will set weapon users too far above players who don't enjoy using weapons.

• 6/7/2014

@Coldroid Remember that the weapons are inventory-only things. There's nothing stopping you from, say, "equipping" a weapon, using it in a battle, but saying that your character isn't actually using a weapon, just for game mechanics reasons. Furthermore, half the weapon-users have renamed their weapons, so you could simply rename it.

As far as I know, of course.

• 6/7/2014

Hm, I didn't think of that condradiction before Cold, so thanks for pointing it out. 

By fair, I meant that normal weapons would have a little extra bonus to them instead of being the same old bland sword and guns they are now. The patches to special weapons would be more relative and boost their own ablities they have now, rather than the patches for normal weapons, which can range form nearly anything. 

In regard to people who don't use weapons.....I'll save that for another suggestion trend. 

• 6/8/2014

These patches is basically enchantments, Though it would mean that you can apply special auction weapon effects to normal weapons and even more to special auction ones, though i was really gonna make special auction weapons have less room for enchantments and etc because they already carry a special one.

• 6/8/2014

That's where i have to stop you, Alpha. The patches would be no were near the same level of strength as special auction weapons or even your enchantments from your suggestion. If this were to be put into perspective or compared, I'd see it as.

Special weapons > Enchantments > Patches

Patches that would go on auction weapons would only be able to increase the bonuses the weapon already has. For example

Say a special auction weapon has the ablity to.....throw 2 or 3 projectiles at an opponent per attack. A patch added to this weapon would increase the projectiles it can throw up to 4 or 5, and there could not be anything added to the weapon besides something of that nature.

• 6/8/2014

If everyone were to get special weapons, wouldn't that make them common and not special...?

• 6/8/2014

No, because the patches wouldn't be nearly as good as the special weapons.

• 6/9/2014

Finally, with the help of Alpha and 9k, the template is complete! Behold.....the patch template (You people are going to get a kick out of this)


Rapid-Fire Banana Cannon

Machine Gun
Patches +15% damage at the cost of 5 rush count. Invincibility decrease to level 35


There you go. These patches would have bonuses as well as side effects based on the pros of a certain weapon.

  • For weapons such as Machine guns, the damage and level cap would increase, but at the cost of losing it's rush count.
  • As for swords, this can range from almost anything, but the greater the skill, the less percentage damage it does or the faster it breaks.
  • Guns can gradually upgrade to nearly the same as machine guns, but they break faster and lose rush count.

The stronger the weapon becomes as a result, the greater rarity it has, extending from 

Common------>Uncommon------>Unique------->Rare------>Ultra Rare------->Legendary------>Ultimate!

That's kinda how it seems to work as I've seen it. Special items could consits of things from events, saga's and things of that nature. They aren't included in this list, since I'm not sure where they could possibly go.

• 6/9/2014

To be blunt, the template looks horrible. The diagonal gradients and the durability meter in particular.

Set the gradients to be horizontal, and remove the durability meter entirely, as it is superfluous. 

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