Now, Page Rule 7 states the following

Only administrators may control real characters, or characters that are not theirs.*

After realizing how limited this rule actually makes rps, I've decided that it's time for it to change.

Now, had I realized that this meant that users couldn't do things like rps like the one on papya island, then i would have spoke up about it ealier. It's not like these characters are going to be used for fighting or anything. All they are is......

  • Comedy
  • Story Development
  • Revolving a problem
  • Just rping to rp.

I hope that others can agree with this rule needing to be changed as well. The side characters won't be people like real DBZ characters. They'll range from people like

  • Aliens
  • Humans on Earth (like policemen, school officals, fire fighters, nurses, etc)
  • Fellow Namekians for namekian characters
  • Demons in hell

What I'm saying is, change the rule so people can actually do fun rps, cooler rps, and just have even more fun here. These rps are nothing but filler between sagas, filler that could turn into comedy even to some people.