Now this is an idea straight out the wood work. It relates close to that of Environment Destruction present in Dragon Ball Z: Ultimate Tenkaichi, but on a higher level. When two high level characters fight on planets such as Namek or Earth, they would have the ability to, through their attacks, to alter and damage the location, or possibly make a brand new one as a result

For example: Rin and Hokus are battling right now on Planet Namek, on the Namek Plains. These characters are both respectively powerful, and above the previous level cap of 50. Their battle should create enough force and tension to not only destroy the location all together, but possibly put it in a damaged state. Once like this, the name of the battle location will changed from whatever it is to "Destroyed" or "Damaged".

This also could serve to actually cause battle advantages from PTO to also affect places on Earth, Namek, and other places besides just PTO. This could add more of a realistic or Dbz feel to battle areas, and who wouldn't look forward to destroying a place with just their attacks alone?

Before I forget, this wouldn't apply too PTO planets, due to the fact they not only would have greater gravity, but they would be more built to handle such battles. So there wouldn't need to be worry about doing this to planets users own.

Also, if this is indeed added, any and all battle locations would get a certain Health Bar added to them whenever they are used, and when it drops to half, the page switches from it's normal name, to Damaged. Once the bar finally hits zero, Damaged is renamed Destroyed followed by the orginal name.