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Arishok Frieza
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Redesigned Character Perks Page by Arishok Frieza = Complete!(Admins Read this please)

The new file image is complete so whoever is in charge of the Character Perk page-- please take one final look at it before put it in other than that. That's all that I have to say.

The file size is 9.51mb with a resolution total of 11,995 x 13,772 so the display ratio is good enough and variable enough even for those with smaller monitors or using a dreaded 'phone.' Everything including text display is readable enough if not I can always modify this file at any time given make another jpeg copy, etc etc... just look at the new picture okay??

Redesigned Character Perks Page by Arishok Frieza

If it's too big uses the "[[]]" brackets with File: name of the file that I uploaded in between then insert the line break i.e. | this symbol after that the final step should be a small resolution size like 950px or something.

Questions, Critique, etc as always.

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Arishok Frieza
Lady Luminita

Quality. But like I said if its too large use the brackets and well yeah put down a size in px and it'll till be viewable enough the text, the pictures, etc. It doesn't have to be precisely 13,000 x 17,000 I just made the resolution size alot better for well you know quality cuz I am a quality obsesse. 

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