Alright, here's how its gonna work in a nutshell

  • This is for users rp only, not characters. Everyone is human in this
  • You have to tell what your character looks like, their personality, and  anything you think is important. to know.
  • You can also relate your characters/selves to other users, but they must accept it first.

The main rule to follow is: Do not constantly insult act like a douche towards other peoples characters.

Anyone can join in on this, but no character has magic or energy attacks. 

Roles for possible jobs in the school will be given out once everyone who wants to join enters their names below.

School Roles

  • Teacher(s)
  • Principle
  • Sports Director
  • Gym Teacher
  • Lunch Lady/man
  • Hall Monitor
  • Counselor 
  • I'll add more if i think of them.