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Arishok Frieza
Nigel Victor Swan

Oh, look. I'm banned from chat. Might as well post all my edit requests here.

Title says all. So, let's start off with my edit requests.

  • Update the , and probably remove the Miscellaneous section, it's unneeded.
  • To anyone who has a planet, please add it to ; it's extremely outdated.

And now all my man-love for Tre.

  1. Let's begin DBZRP High School.
  2. (Seriously, I edit in like 3 minutes while you edit this page in like 15 hours).
  3. .
  4. .
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Arishok Frieza
Nigel Victor Swan

^^ People and this stupid GIDWMAT, they said it would take forever, yeah right. 


Kuraihana and Delilah are done. Over at the Ki Mastery School that is. 

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