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Update Notes: October 16th, 2014

It's been a while, hasn't it?

Full-Breed Bonuses: To give an incentive for picking a full-breed over a half-breed, you now gain a bonus for your race.

  • Saiyans: All non-magic attacks deal x1.25 damage.
  • Humans: All magic attacks deal x1.25 damage.
  • Namekians: Speed gains from leveling up are multiplied by x1.25. Does not apply to any other speed increases.
  • Ice-Jin: Health gains from leveling up are multiplied by x1.5. Does not apply to any other health increases.
  • Energy-stealing Androids: Absorption skills are twice as effective - ie. steal twice as many stats.
  • Perpetual-Energy Androids: Halved fatigue usage, excluding signatures, ultimates, etc. with specific fatigue costs.
  • Alien: Once per battle, increase your base speed and damage by an amount equal to x0.5 times your opponents' base speed and damage.
  • Demon: Speed or Damage gains from leveling up are multiplied by x1.25. This only applies to the lower stat. Does not apply to any other speed or damage increases.
  • Majin: +25% Regeneration per turn. Stacks with skills and other transformations, etc.
  • Dragon: The damage resistance from Dragon transformations now only applies to full-breed dragons.

Android Changes: A number of changes will be applied to androids.

  • The Perpetual Energy Android skill "Parts Absorption" has been replaced with Forced Merge: Absorb an opponent android for 3 turns, once per battle. Cannot be used if the target is the last remaining opponent. Adds the targets' stats to your own until the skill ends, during which time the target is removed from battle. If all opponents save those under the influence of Forced Merge are defeated, the absorbed opponents are immediately released.
  • Super Android Stat Increases from parts and chips are multiplied by x1.5, not x2. In other words, parts and chips give Super Androids 15 Speed and Damage each, not 20, etc.
  • Android parts and chips are capped at 2/3rds of the level of the android in question, rounded down. A level 1 or 2 Android could only have one part or chip, a level 3 android could have two, and a level 75 Android could have 50. Both parts and chips count towards this limit for Super Androids.

Magic Changes: Defensive and buff magic, such as barriers and Wind spells, now last until the end of your next turn.

Work Slots: Additional work slots have been added. High-end work slots now have a time limit and cooldown.

Hospital: Installation time of parts, upgrades, etc. reduced to 6 hours each.

Capsule Corporation Training Hall: Maximum of 5 bots per user per month. They cannot be absorbed, and stats gained from them, such as via energy-absorbing android skills, are no longer permanent.

Guns, Machine Guns, and Military-Grade Railguns: You can no longer use a gun in the same turn as a machine gun or military-grade railgun. The same goes for machine guns and military-grade railguns, with respect to the other ranged weapons. Guns can still be dual-wielded.

Ultimate Slot Changes: Ultimates can now be changed once every 4 months. The third ultimate slot now has the requirement of "Must be Level 50, must be using all 5 Signature Slots and the other 2 Ultimate Slots."

FUTURE UPDATES: Adding "Character Approval" system instead of "Post Character -> Instantly Made." Change how legendaries are selected, likely based on quality of character. Remove Power Level requirements completely. Remove durability completely. Combat clothing. Dragon PTO terrain. Rework transformations. Nerf fusions.

It might take some time for this information to be edited into the rest of the wiki.

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Lady Luminita
The Alpha

I want my enchanting hnnng.

Also, The updates seem nice, Now i just need to update Uchiki...


sounds good :)

(scraps half breed dragon plans)


Oh, by the way, if you have an android currently over the parts/chips limit, any excess parts and chips are IMMEDIATELY uninstalled.

You may keep them or trade them in for a refund.

so with the super android upgrade power decrease does that take immediate effect or is it for anything used in the future?

Is it immediate for races that gain extra stats when they level up as well? As in do they gain all the stats they would of gained had this update been in effect since they were leve; one?


Yes. All changes are immediately in effect, excluding ongoing battles.

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