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Update Notes: October 28th, 2014

Power Level Requirements: All power level requirements and costs have been removed. Transformations requiring PL now require a specific level instead. This is to prevent the issues of a player using a PL potion at level 1 getting insanely powerful early on, and a player without it being unable to use their transformations. If you have a transformation now, you keep it.

Ultimates: No longer have a 10,000 HP cost. You can only have one Ultimate Transformation.

Fighting Guidelines: Now finally state that sigs that specifically state they happen turn 1, happen turn 1, otherwise no sigs first turn.

Work Slots: You can only have two characters working at a time. Some people have also expressed reducing it to a single character at a time, though it will remain two characters for now.

Durability: Item durability is removed completely. Capsule Corp. Repair Shop will be repurposed in the future, and the Fire Magic "Item Reforge" will be replaced, likely in the next few days. You will receive a full refund for any reinforcements purchased at Capsule Corp. Repair Shop, and you will gain the replacement Fire Magic, free of charge, up to the level of Item Reforge you have.

Dragon PTO Terrain: Dragons can now purchase the advancement "Dragon's Lair (Dragons): As long as a Dragon is on a battleground with this advancement, they gain an additional 100 damage. Furthermore, the effectiveness of their fire-based abilities is increased by 25%. Durations are unchanged."

Combat Clothing: Combat Clothing has been added to the shop. These are items similar to Frames, but do not stack with frames. Specify which type of Combat Clothing you are using at the start of the battle. Like Frames, you can only use one at a time. Unlike frames, you don't need to install them (they're clothes, what do you expect?)

  • Weighted Combat Clothes: x1.3 Damage, x0.8 Speed, x1.15 Health. Costs 20k zeni.
  • Streamlined Combat Clothes: x1.3 Speed. Costs 20k zeni.
  • Note to Dark Prynce: "Experimental Symbiotic Armor" will have the bonus increased to x1.2 Speed, Damage, Health, Fatigue, and counts as Combat Clothing.

Skill Changes: A few skills have been changed. Note that any abilities they have, unless specifically stated, are unchanged - ie. if it stuns and now says it deals a different amount of damage, it still stuns.

  • Humans: Free Senzu Beans: Every 14 days, or 2 weeks.
  • Namekians:
    • Kaiokosen: Cannot be used on your next two turns.
    • Slow Regeneration: Increased to 10%.
  • Ice-jin: Recovery: Increased to 20%. Once per transformation per battle. Only applies to Ice-Jin racial transformations.
  • Demons:
    • Stone Spit: Cannot be used on consecutive turns.
    • Materialization: Cannot be used on consecutive turns.
  • Majins:
    • Forced Entry: Essentially, you control the enemy on their next turn.
    • Variable Form: You can still be attacked.
  • Dragons:
    • Fire Breath: Cannot be used on your next 4 turns.
    • Ancient Martial Arts: Deals 2x Punch damage. Cannot be used on your next 3 turns.

Custom Tier 1, 3, and 4 Attacks: You can now create custom tier 1, 3, and 4 attacks. You choose the name, and you automatically get these slots once you meet the following requirements:

  • Tier 1: 10 Hours of Training. Identical to Basic Attacks.
  • Tier 3: 100 Hours of Training. Identical to other Tier 3 attacks.
  • Tier 4: 200 Hours of Training. Identical to other Tier 4 attacks.

Tier 2 attacks are unavailable as they include unique abilities such as Solar Flare. You get 2 custom attacks per tier. Please specify which tier the attack is, next to the name (and description, if one is present).

NEXT UPDATES: Character approval system. Changed Legendary Selection system. Transformation rework (expect changes and buffs across the board). Fusion changes.

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Lady Luminita
seems fine with me
I really like the custom Tier attacks thats pretty cool
Still don't see the point of Super Saiyan Speed loss...
Note the transformation rework.
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