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• 11/25/2014

Weaponry and Armor (and stuff) Improvements (Upgrades)

THIS IS AN OLD VERSION, PLEASE GO TO THE NEW AND BETTER VERSION, THANKS! Just thinking of the Capsule Corp Repair Shop's reinforcement upgrades how they should make the weapon better aswell, I thought of putting it as a Sugesstion, so here's what I'd like to see added:

Weapon Improvement, Which Includes:

Gun/Machine Gun/Military-Grade Railgun Upgrades: Such as ACOG Scope, or improved barrel and so fourth 

Sword/Kendo Style Raiper Upgrades: Such as Different and better Blades and Hilts

Armor/Training Upgrades, which Includes:

Armor (The new Armor and the Android frames): Reinforcements for better protection and spikes for bleed/damage done to when meleed

Weighted Traning Clothes: Buy different parts of the clothes, such as The Actual Clothes (whoever purchased it before has the Clothes part), Wrist Bands, Boots, and Helmet, all adding more Resistance and better exp gains

And one thing to add,

Don't know exactly what to call them, but apparently if you wear the potara earning un-fused they make you stronger, know instead of adding that buff, I purpose Earnings that make you stronger/faster, such as the pair Supreme Kai, Old Kai, and Kabio wear

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• 11/3/2014

Spread it like butter ;P

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