Achievements you can earn for being on the wiki are listed below, with their requirements and their rewards. These achievements are per user, not per character.

  • Create your first character: 2,500 Zeni
  • Have a child character: 5,000 Zeni
  • Fight your first battle: 2,500 Zeni
  • Fight your tenth battle: 5,000 Zeni
  • Fight your fifteenth battle: 10,000 Zeni
  • Fight your twenty-fifth battle: 25,000 Zeni
  • Win your first battle: 5,000 Zeni
  • Win your tenth battle: 10,000 Zeni
  • Win your fifteenth battle: 50,000 Zeni
  • Win your twenty-fifth battle: 100,000 Zeni
  • Survive your first boss battle: 5,000 Zeni
  • Survive your second boss battle: 15,000 Zeni
  • Survive your third boss battle: 25,000 Zeni
  • Deliver the finishing blow to a boss: 10,000 Zeni
  • Deliver the finishing blow to a boss twice: 50,000 Zeni
  • Deliver the finishing blow to a boss three times: 100,000 Zeni

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