Toma's Space Station is a floating base built by the Saiyan survivor of the same name after he escaped the Saiyan genocide. Built by taking multitudes of metal and bought pieces from space over the course of a year in order to hide from Frieza and ensure Saiyan Survival.

The Station is small, due to it being made by a single Saiyan. Built only to hold a hundred people at any given time. Built with a cloaking device and automatic energy supression device of his own design. Complete with training room, living area, and sparring room, it is everything a fighter needs.

In an attempt, Toma allows criminals against Frieza to come, in hopes of finding at least one Saiyan surrvivor among the dying races. Over time he plans to expand the station with the help of the others in order to bring in more.

  • Battle slot 1
  • Battle slot 2

Living area

The roleplay area of the station. Where you can mingle, socialize, and maybe start a fight or two. Made by Toma to prevent the housed fighters socializing, it's seen it's good and bad days, with only one incident ending in death so far.

Toma returns to the station

Toma looked out as his pod reached the landing area, happy with another successful raiding mission. He stepped out and greeted Inno, a fighter from Manikka who fled to Toma after his home planet was destroyed in a similar fashion by Frieza.

"Good raid?" He asked. "What did you bring?"

"In my pod is a night's worth. Don't eat it all within the hour, I know how you all can be." He told him, walking tiredly to his resting chamber.

Sparring room

battle area, Built for fighters to test their strength against one another.

Training room

The room designed for increasing a fighter's power level.

  • Toma
  • Training Slot 2
  • Training slot 3
  • Training Slot 3
  • Training Slot 4