• Alyra Noveria


    February 14, 2016 by Alyra Noveria

    HAPPY VALENTINES DAY (and birthday, if you're a certain awesome sister)

    enjoy half-price wedding rings on DBZRP

    WHOOPS they dont exist anymore my bad

    anyways enjoy your valentines day

    enjoy your dates if any


    god i'm so lonely

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  • Alyra Noveria

    This is just a quick guide to answer any questions a new user might have regarding some of the stuff that's gone on in my storyline - as it is the primary storyline in reference to the reset. 

    Why did I make this? I was bored. Figured some of the newbies could use some info to stay in the loop.

    In other words, "WTF Happened To The DBZRP Universe That Caused It To Reset"

    This information does not necessarily have to be part of your storyline. It is intended only to explain some of the characters and locations involved in the massive temporal clusterfuck that was the two Resets on DBZRP.

    Silent Ones are beings of almost unimaginable power that oversee the very laws of creation itself - they are the concepts that the universe is built on. These cre…

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  • Alex64

    So I've been busy with life, and I drifted away from UDBRP a year or two ago (I honestly forget how long it's been) to do RL stuff. Since then my laptop pretty much went kaput and now I browse the web via my Wii U.

    How I rediscovered this was actually through Lumi's old Fire Emblem RP wiki; I went to her user page, saw this among her favorite wikis, and decided to look around for old times' sake.

    Imagine my surprise when I saw that this site had been revived.

    So yeah, I think I might stick around here for a while. I won't be on as frequently as I was before, but hey, that's life.

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  • The Alpha

    Since i am the laziest shit to ever grace the wiki (worse then goge) and i haven't had the energy to set up my character for months- and i've had problems actually talking with people on the wiki for a while or at least had little contact with them; i will use this blog as a "general" for just retarded so randumb XDDDDDD (no this isn't reddit) stuff and maybe pushing me back here a bit.

    Anyways, i've been busy playing way too many games and i'm also kind of consumed by 4chan among another things.

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  • Alyra Noveria

    Heya! I had a vanilla minecraft server but vanilla is boring. So I'm hosting a modded version!

    The modpack we will be using is Resonant Rise off the AT launcher. If you wish to join:

    • First download and setup ATLauncher,
    • Run ATLauncher, then go to Packs, find "Resonant Rise" and hit New Instance.
    • Name the Instance whatever you want, and choose (Minecraft 1.7.10) as the pack.
    • Hit Share Code and enter this without quotes: "OmlhnGQ4" then hit Install.
    • Once it's installed, just go to Instances, find whatever you named your Instance, and hit Play.

    IP available upon request.


    • No hacking of any kind.
    • No griefing of any kind.
    • No looting of any kind.
    • No PvP without agreement between players.
    • Do not ask for OP status. You won't get it.
    • Do not ask fo…
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  • Chaotic4Icon


    August 5, 2015 by Chaotic4Icon

    Can someone help me make my character?

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  • The Alpha

    Charger problems.

    April 25, 2015 by The Alpha

    So uh, my charger is fucking up so i might have trouble being online for a month or so in case anybody wonders.

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  • Lady Luminita

    Before the reset, both the Web of Time saga and the finale involved the realm of Oblivion. This blog post will give a description of it, particularly for the people with characters who survived the cataclysm.

    The Web of Time: An artifical construct created by the Silent Ones to give order to causality. In the reset universe, the Web of Time does not exist. Instead, some other process gives meaning to Time.

    Oblivion: Defined as the "space between spaces." It is the nullspace between universes, devoid of space or time. Not to be confused with nonexistence, things can still exist in Oblivion.

    The Seven Aspects of Reality: Seven "energy patterns" that exist across all of Oblivion. These could be analogous to the various fields in our universe - ele…

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  • Blalafoon

    This put me in tears.

    Under the original DB wiki, it's spanish counterpart, and the fanon wiki's counterpart, we're the fourth most popular Dragon Ball affiliated wiki. Note how Lookout is ranked under us.

    We're the second highest rated Role-Playing wiki out there, only being trumped by Harry Potter.

    To avoid using every cliche ever and maing myself cry more, I just wanna say thanks...

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  • Blalafoon

    Make sure to work your way to achievements as they are easy money.

    1. Enter Hyperbolic Time Chamber for one hour.
    2. Battle repeatedly with your opponent. If no opponent available, purchase an Easy or Medium bot from the Capsule Corporation Training Hall
    3. Enter any training slot while you sleep.
    4. Continue battling until you can enter the Hyperbolic Time Chamber again.
    5. Repeat.

    If you have not purchased a planet yet, you should consider purchasing or sharing one with another character, as the benefits are well worth it.

    1. Buy Max HP potions from the shop, for either you or your opponent, increasing your HP each match, thus rewarding more HP.
    2. Battle repeatedly with your opponent. If no opponent available, purchasea Hard or Extreme bot from the Capsule Corporat…

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  • The Alpha

    Exsu the Pokemon

    January 2, 2015 by The Alpha

    Based on a little convo i had with Fury on chat, me and kab decided to make a few sound files of the incident for lulz.

    Part 1 

    Part 2

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  • Blalafoon

    Congratulations to all of the nominees for making it this far, but there can only bee one winner for each category, and thus, here they are!

    It's no surprise that the majority of the votes for Best Generation went to the 4th, since most of our active users are from that generation. Seriously though, if you guys were around for the 1st, your votes would be different :/

    Beating User Alyra by a single vote, Truepotentia wins the award for best user for his great personality and gameplay.

    Gogeta Jr wins the award for best helper, most likely due to his experience being a regular user for so long, being more understanding of common situations and change than the other helpers.

    Following up his strong victory as best helper, Gogeta Jr wins best admi…

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  • The Alpha

    3000 edits

    December 19, 2014 by The Alpha


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  • Blalafoon

    Because frankly I'm tired of everybody asking me about it. Answer yes or no to the following questions in a comment, no explanation needed. And please, everybody just take the minute to say yes or no, I don't want half-baked results. If you don't know what you're voting on, the explanation can be seen in my previous blog.

    1. Keep "Roxaswastaken" blocked for his off-site offense: Yes or no.
    2. Keep Rule #20 that states "Do not harass other wiki-members off-site.": Yes or no.
    3. Keep the Chat Moderator text that was changed to "Any chat moderator may temporarily warn, kick, or ban you for a reasonable length of time for common misbehavior that doesn't technically break the rules." (Do note this can be infinite): Yes or no.
    4. Keep the Administrator addition…
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  • Blalafoon

    Remember last year around this time? For twelve days I'd put a random message on a random page, and once you collected all twelve you unlocked the Realm of Holly. I have so many memories of people hating that slaughterhouse, and yet they liked that better than GIDWMAT.


    Welp, yall gave me the moments you liked best (and the ones you didn't like aswell), so now it's time to choose the best of the best, and the worst of the worst. Click this linkto be taken to the voting page, and pick the nomination that best fits each category! Voting will end on Christmas Eve and results will be shown the following day.

    Happy voting!

    Blalafoon TalkContribs 22:07, December 12, 2014 (UTC)

    Also, sorry this wasn't up yesterday, I was starting to …

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  • Blalafoon

    After multiple users have asked me about this little conundrum concerning Roxaswastaken, Rule #20, etc. I've pretty much had enough, and am just going to settle it here in front of everybody so I don't have to type the same thing over and over again, and hopefully reach a general consensus.

    Before I begin, while writing this I have disregarded anything and everything to do with the personalities of the individuals mentioned. This includes any right or wrongdoing to anybody, and I advise you to do the same while reading. Below, only facts are stated (unless otherwise indicated), however, said facts are only ones that I currently know to be true, if I am mis-informed or if I've missed something of relevance, let me know.

    On a day on, or previous t…

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  • Blalafoon

    Hey, remember when Gohan used to do this? Good times...let's look back at more of them good times.

    Time for the second annual DBZRP Awards, where we take a look back at the wiki's history and select the best characters, users, attacks, and sagas to nominate for the honor of winning an award!

    Nominating is simple as hell! Just click this linkand submit your nomination for each of the thirty-three categories. Nominations will close on December 10th, and voting will begin the day after. Voting will end on Christmas Eve, and the results will be shown the day after.

    Happy voting!

    Blalafoon TalkContribs 20:54, November 26, 2014 (UTC)

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  • Lady Luminita

    Now, the Tier 3 boss of my saga is obviously Lucien.

    As for the Tier 1 and 2 bosses, well.

    I'd like to know what you want to fight. Mechs? More drones? ...Another actual, living individual (possibly in a mech)?

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  • Purple Iris

    To whom it may concern.

    September 26, 2014 by Purple Iris

    To all of those wondering why I have not been on these past few months, I have come to tell you why. Shortly after I had last been on, I had gotten hit by a car. The laptop I was using got destroyed in the accident, and I spent a couple weeks in the hospital. After I was released, I could not leave my room, for I was bed-ridden for a few more weeks after my release. Once I managed to recuperate enough, I attended to my twin daughters to take care of them. I have been busy doing so since. I do not know when I'll be back on, so a may be off for a few more months. I hope you all are also doing well.

    P.S.: Eat Apples, they are the snack of champions.

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  • Blalafoon

    Considering Rejoining

    September 24, 2014 by Blalafoon

    Three months ago, before I left, my mindset was along the lines of "Website before Users. I'm the only person who can do this." But, as more users came who kept understanding, bringing more and more valid points each time, I felt that I wasn't needed, and then left. Here I am three months later, taking a look back at the site. I figured it would live this long as it had people like Alyra maintating it, and then I pondered the reason I originally left, and I came up with the stress of arguing. Back then, I barely had any help with the site and was it's lone maintainer. Tre was Tre, and the admins were either starting out, or just plain lazy. The stress of my job got under my skin, with so many users asking for more content and the like, to …

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  • Lady Luminita

    Legendary Listings

    September 23, 2014 by Lady Luminita

    Please leave a comment here when a character is created, with the time and date in GMT-6.

    Every character has a 10% chance at becoming a legendary, for now.

    Notice: Only characters that have been listed here will have a chance at being legendary. Listings will be in chronological order of being posted here, NOT in order of character creation. If a character is higher than level 10, they will not be considered valid for legendary status if you list them here.

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  • Lady Luminita

    Nominations for Staff

    September 23, 2014 by Lady Luminita

    Notice for newer users: Alyra here! This is one of my previous accounts. I go through frequent name changes, and as such need to create new accounts periodically. Here, people can nominate others for various positions as DBZRP staff. The following rules apply:

    1. You cannot nominate or vote for yourself.
    2. Do not jokingly nominate someone.
    3. To vote for someone already nominated, simply reply to the comment with the nomination.
    4. If you are found to be forcing others to nominate or vote for you, there will be strict penalties including but not limited to an inability to be nominated for staff for a lengthy time, a chat ban, site block, and more.
    5. A user must have been on DBZRP for at least 3 months before they can be nominated for chat moderator. This can…
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  • Blalafoon

    Tre's Administration

    September 22, 2014 by Blalafoon

    Well Tre, I have seen no significant improvement in your administration abilities. Your edits in the past few days seem like "I gotta keep my job" edits, rather than "I gotta do my job" edits, judging off of what they were. As such, due to inactivity and failure to uphold responsibilities and your job, you have lost Bureaucrat status.

    Now, it's time for the community to decide what to do with Tre. Do we keep him as an administrator? Chat mod? Or demote him to basic user? Leave a comment saying what position he should be in and why.

    Blalafoon TalkContribs 17:31, September 22, 2014 (UTC)

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  • Blalafoon

    Let Geti Back?

    September 22, 2014 by Blalafoon

    I'm sure you all saw the title of this blog post and though "What the absolute hell."

    I got on this morning and on FERP (orite that still never got finished), Geti reached out to me asking for a second chance. With a goal to "Revert the wiki back to DBZ days." You can read the full message here.

    Now I'm sure you know what this would mean. Get would probably equal Ellen, and those two would prompt Reaper to ask for an unban, but regardless, we have to take his request into consideration. You guys were the ones who asked for his ban, so I'll let you guys decide. Let Geti back?

    Blalafoon TalkContribs 15:41, September 22, 2014 (UTC)

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  • Tokothestrange

    Tacoman Fan Page!

    September 3, 2014 by Tokothestrange

    Theme of Tacoman

    Tacoman is love. TACOMAN IS LIFE! - Goge



    Central City

    Tsumisumbri Mountains


    Tacoman knows Zucana from a breif meeting, he beleives he is a strong and competent man who is on the side of Rightfulness! He calls himself dead and refers to himself as Monarch now sadly.


    The new identity of Zucana, Tacoman wants to believe he is good but the more time passes the more it becomes clear they are destined to be rivals. Tacoman has promised to help Monarch resurect planet Vegeta in hopes that it will return him to sanity.

    Tacoman likes his style but is weary that he is not on the path of Rightfulness!


    Tacoman only met her breifly, …

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  • Blalafoon

    As some of you may or may not know, the wiki is closely approaching it's third year of existance, and booooooy has it been through alot, so why not celebrate a bit, eh?

    On August 30th, 2014 I will be holding a celebration on Tinychat. I will link it all over DBZRP chat on the day of this event, so make sure to find a way to grab that link! We plan to start at 6:30 PM Central Standard Time (adjust time zone accordingly), and plan to end at 8:30, but will continue if there is more interest. There's also something...special I have planned for 7 PM (dem unknown antics (#fegelein)).

    Both Luka and I will be attending with a microphone for live chatty goodness. Microphone is open for all to use. DBZRP Administrators (both past and present), are hig…

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  • ShadowZane33

    Bye for now

    July 15, 2014 by ShadowZane33

    Hey Guys I got grounded and idk if or when i'll be back and I'll try to be back one day hopefully soon. Till then I'm trusting prynce with my chars (Zane, Silver,Night) and Kab gets panda due to her relation to Luka (the char) but bye and see you guys some day in the future.

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  • Lady Luminita

    Okay so some of you may be aware that I play Minecraft.

    You may also be aware that I hate vanilla minecraft and play almost exclusively modded games.

    This is one such thing.

    I am willing to run a server of Minecraft, running the FTBLite 2 modpack. It's an extremely easy modpack to get into, doesn't have too much stuff while providing a bunch of new content, and is incredibly easy to install. FTBLite 2 can work on only a single gigabyte of RAM and 32 bit java.

    You MUST have a proper Minecraft account with a purchased copy of the game - not by my choice, but FTB requires it. Won't let you download the packs otherwise.

    To obtain FTBLite 2:

    1. Go to
    2. Download the client .exe (or .jar if you know how to use them).
    3. Set up a profile…
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  • Blalafoon

    A blog containing all of Luka's creations while streaming.

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  • The Alpha


    June 30, 2014 by The Alpha

    Going to Gran Canaria soz see you in 7 days.

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  • Blalafoon

    I'm Leaving

    June 24, 2014 by Blalafoon

    I'm not going to type a whole sob story here. I'm not going to try and put you all on the guilt trip. I'm not going to play the pity card. I'm going to make this short, simple, and to the point.

    Midway through the second generation, changes came about me, I don't know if it was the result of me getting older or not, but I was not the same Blalafoon as I was before. As the days would go on, each day would seem less fun and exciting on here, it'd become nothing more than arguments and competition, nothing like it was made to be, or was before this period in time. As of now the wiki's luster has all but disappeared for me, and I no longer see the need to run it anymore.

    I would like to apologize to any users here I have offended during my time …

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  • Blalafoon
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  • Owlsley


    June 15, 2014 by Owlsley

    If ur reeding dis, u smell bad.

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  • Blalafoon

    Regarding Yu-Gi-Oh

    June 6, 2014 by Blalafoon

    I have created another wikifor us Yu-Gi-Oh fanatics to list all of our yugi-nerd related topics. From now on, I will be posting all of my Yu-Gi-Oh related topics related issues there, so while I'm here, I can concentrate my efforts on doing my job.

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  • Owlsley


    June 2, 2014 by Owlsley

    I loved you, but you went back on meeeeee!!

    I  miss the: Old you, the times we shared! The man I fell in love with is... go-ho-hone!

    Yeah! But we're just, not mean't to be togetherrrr! It's better that we... staaay awaaay-hay! Oh, it's the best-oh-best bacon, and the gums! Oh, I've gone too far! Oh there's no goin' baaaack, na-ha-hooow-wow!

    We needa do oveer, there's onlyy one cha-ha-haaance! And it's: dwindliin', I dunno if we can, maaaa-ha-ke-iiii-hiii-ittt!

    Liek dis blug ef u crie erytiem.

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  • UltimateGohan98

    This is a parody series of the Total Drama series. All likeness and all the other biz belongs to them and this is just aparody as stated before. All characters in this series are users here on DBZRP, and will be placed on a island competing for $100,000.

    Cam: "Welcome to another exciting episode of TDDBZRP Aftermath everyone!", Cam says as the show opens.

    Flame: "For today's episode we will have three contestant that managed to make it far in the season".

    Cam: "We have the loveable Miri, the always hilarious 9k, and the fierce Lova!"

    Flame: "Let's go ahead and introduce our first guest!", Flame says. "She's loveable, funny, and went toe to toe with Sasquachanaqua himself, here's Miri!", Flame says as Miri walks out to a applause from the audie…

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  • UltimateGohan98

    This blog will give you all the information you need to know what's up on my upcoming series and projects. Some of the blog series or projects I write will continue or either be cancelled due to a number of reasons. Below you'll find all the information you need.

    The Total Drama DBZRP blog post are a popular parody series written by me. So far, it has been successful in all feedback and reactions. Because of your support, a the series will continue until the end where I crown a winner of the $100,000. Also, a interactive spin-off will be created on the forums that will allow the users of the wiki to play they're characters and vote off someone on their own accord. So they basically will be playing the roles themselves.

    • Status: Ongoing

    I was p…

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  • The Alpha

    I decided to draw a design for Z20 that i'm not 100% done with yet, But here's a WIP.

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  • UltimateGohan98

    This is a parody series of the Total Drama series. All likeness and all the other biz belongs to them and this is just aparody as stated before. All characters in this series are users here on DBZRP, and will be placed on a island competing for $100,000.

    Chris: "There was was a boy who had a journey", Chris says as the show opens. "He had it all, friends, adventure, and in the end even got a kiss from his fair maiden". "But he was a loser so he left on the Boat of Losers hehe". "9k may have missed out on 100 grand, but we still have 6 campers left who are hungry for the moolah!". "Will our campers continue to the competition or will they have their hands tied?". "Find out on this brand new episode of TOTAL...DRAMA...DBZRP!"

    ~In the cafeteria…

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  • Jacksper

    Story Followers

    May 21, 2014 by Jacksper

    For those of you who wanted to know why I haven't updated the story of either Gen or Aiko.  (Assuming there are some who actually read all the sh!t stuff I put on my Character pages) I decided to keep the stories a bit more like a paragraph in description (maybe more) but to do that I don't need to add on every single time my character does something major in a saga.  So instead I'm taking notes on events that happened to any of the 2 (now 3) characters that I have during the "Haunted" Saga, and I will add those notes back into the overall story of each Character.  This is to make a bigger and better story.

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  • Alissa the Wise Wolf

    My Birthday is Today so I'll be expectant of things. Don't dissapoint me. I'm 17. -evil giggle-

    I'll especially be paying attention for a comment from Luka~-giggle-

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  • Animus Pheadra

    My irl picture

    May 20, 2014 by Animus Pheadra

    I never fixed it

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  • Blalafoon

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  • Kalin828

    The inspiration for this story came a few days ago. A friend and I were working on a personal finance project. One of the topics we had to include was "possible vacations". Our almost immediate unanimous answer was Japan. however, neither of us could think of a specific location...

    I went home on wednesday night, and watched multiple anime with settings in Japan with the hope that I'd have a bright idea. After watching one anime in particular, I did, even if it wasn't the one I was looking for.

    The quiet. It's always bad when it's quiet. Not that the noise is much better. It's just that, in the silence of night, There's nothing to stop the terrors of the day from crossing your mind and threatening to make you go mad. It's times like these th…

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  • Blalafoon

    Easter Eggs

    April 13, 2014 by Blalafoon

    As you have noticed, the wiki's theme has been changed to a new white/pink theme (less blinding than the Christmas one, atleast), and from the backgrouns, it's in celebration of Easter, and as the result of this holiday, I'm hosting an event!

    Starting from now until Saturday the 19th, The Shop will be selling easter egg capsules for 5,000 zeni each, these contain completely random items, ranging from a measly senzu bean to a namekian dragon ball! However, you cannot open these until Easter, the 20th. On this day, sometime around 2:00 PM Central Time (convert time if nescessary), there will be a trading event in chat, and it will go as follows:

    1. All easter egg capsules purchased by all users will be given a number and thrown into the pot, the …
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  • Nigel Victor Swan

    Title says all.

    Happy birthday Raven and Fury!

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  • Jacksper

    The way I see it.  There needs to be a clearly defined way to understand where a character fits in terms of birth and relation to other characters.  Families are loosely acknowledged thus far on this wiki, but as the wiki is growing and people are doing more role-playing.  More in depth family role-playing and legacies are inevitable.  I will give a bief but in depth look at Generations and families on the wiki.  And this will grow over time.

    Each age range has its own defining method. In this I won't attempt to label players but rather their characters as they are much simpler to categorize as putting individual players into an "Age" such as first, second or third is disputed and hard to pinpoint do to everyone's own opinions.

    The very firs…

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  • Blalafoon

    As most people know, a few others and I have recently started playing the Yu-Gi-Oh trading card game online at Dueling Network, a free website where geeks like us can rejoice in card game heaven!

    Here are the current leaderboards:

    Gianor > ColdLoser > GenerationT > ShadowZane33 > Dark Prynce > Reppes > Gogeta Jr > WhiteMage.

    For those who are participating in the dueling, here are the rules for the skill leaderboards.

    • These first leaderboards (created april the 5th), are skill ESTIMATES, and will likely be incorrect and be moved very soon.
    • You advance up on the leaderboar by ranking. If you defeat the person in front of you in a MATCH, you two will swap places. But, you can also jump places. If you beat somebody more than one space ahead of you…
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  • Blalafoon

    Regarding Sagas

    March 30, 2014 by Blalafoon

    Upon much popular request, I have finally uploaded the DBZRP Season 1 saga list, so here it is!

    • Collie
    • Gianor
    • (whatever Flamedude22 wants it to be)
    • Dark Tre
    • Frost
    • Zane
    • (whatever Nigel Victor Swan wants it to be)
    • Tre 3
    • Prynce
    • Aaron
    • Tsuyoshi Yuji
    • Tre 4
    • Android 47
    • Anthrax
    • Moeru
    • Hiki

    If the World Martial Arts Tournament is running, and a saga is scheduled to start, it will either have restricted access while the tournament is running, or be completely delayed until the tournament is over.

    Blalafoon TalkContribs 22:46, March 30, 2014 (UTC)

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  • Jacksper

    This Blog is more of a goodbye to Cam and Dragoine.  I wasn't there when you all left but you two were two of the closest friends I ever had online.  Which is a big deal to me, and so I disappear and come back to find you're both gone, and all this conspiricy crap and frankly I don't even know who it was that I was talking to, or sharing my own personal data with.  It sucks that you guys are both gone, because right now I really wish I had someone to tell about me...  But I also miss you a lot and I hope that wherever you are that you're happy.  Thanks for being my friend and helping me get started here, I know we all gotta leave sometime I guess I just never thought you guys would go so soon.

    ~Goodbye Dragoine, Goodbye Cam. 

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