"I built this hall to better prepare us for the future to come, and it's possible devastation"
— Trunks

This is the CC's Training Hall. The Capsule Corp has recently been making capsules with training robots under orders from Trunks and Bulla. Here you can purchase them and fight with them, and advance your skills.


This is where you buy the capsules, and talk with Trunks if you like.

  • Easy Bot: A bot with stats set to easy. Speed/Strength is 25, HP is 2,500. Z 1,000
  • Medium Bot: A bot with stats set to medium. Speed/Strength is 195, HP is 110,000. Z 3,000
  • Hard Bot: A bot with stats set to hard. Speed/Strength is 345, HP is 210,000. Z 9,000
  • Extreme Bot. A bot overpowered with a strength processor chip. Speed/Strength is 795, HP is 585,000. Z 18,000

Bots use Android techniques. You cannot absorb bots, and any stats gained from fighting them are strictly temporary, regardless of the skill used. You can only fight a total of five bots per month, which resets on the 1st of every month.

There are three battle slots. Do not add or remove them. Add your characters to them as usual.

Training Hall

  • Battle Slot 1
  • Battle Slot 2
  • Battle Slot 3