Samolibost Town

Samolibost is a moderately small town, found deep beyond the mountains and forests, it has simple ways and hard working people, with very little to do with the outside world, that was until a foreign stranger came to town, quickly the population was swayed by him, many lived in fear some in admiration.

Celsus claimed that castle at the top of the town he renamed it and the town and the locals did as they were told, however, aside from an unknown plague killing their folk and the occasional demand from their lord the town remains a happy and hard working place through the day, the towns moral is higher than ever, strong population and good social bonds, and at night the people cower home while strange night dwelling beings comb the dark alleys.

Celsus likes his life here, a town of people under his thumb, fresh beautiful women at his call and all he could eat, as well as the perfect breeding grounds for his night dwelling creatures.


Celsus' Parlour

The parlour of Celsus is a wondrous place, full of oddities and mysteries and overflowing with his charm, here he brings the special ones he has charmed, he treats these special villagers to a night of passion, locals report some very strange noises a sights from the castle and the few who return are too dazed to remember what it was like, even so the people carry on. whether is is Celsus' will or simply the villagers don't care, they never question the goings on in the dark of their town or their lord.

RP is available in the town

RP only available inside the castle if with Celsus