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Guru's House is a place located on Planet Namek, Dende's great great grandfather guards the Dragon Balls here. Please for the sake of fairness, only 2 characters per user at a time during the tests.

The Testing Grounds

Here is where you gather the 7 dragon balls. In order to prove you are worthy, you must pass several test to receive the balls. Collect all seven and you can make 3 of the following wishes.

  • +50 Damage (Counts towards maximum point limit)
  • +50 Speed (Counts towards maximum point limit)
  • +50,000 Zeni
  • +100,000 max HP (Counts towards maximum point limit)
  • Bring one character back to life.
  • Level up for free. (Can only be used once)
  • Gain one transformation from another race. (Up to 3 times)
  • Gain a special item (must be approved by an admin, can only be done once)

Dragonball test rules

  1. You may not have more than 2 of your characters in a single dragonball test
  2. If you already have 1 character in a test a character who is not in a test will receive higher priority on a place over a second character.
  3. When a dragonball test starts no one else may enter the test even if another test is finished.
  4. If the test is battle based the participants may decide who gets the dragonball if a decision cannot be made an admin will randomly determine it
  5. If the test is puzzle based the one to completes the puzzle receives the dragonballs
  6. when all tests have been completed characters have the opportunity to give their dragonballs to someone else (money can be given for a dragonball) make sure an admin is informed and a comment is made on this page so that the dragonballs can be kept track of. Once these have been confirmed dragonballs can only be given to others with a reason (extended absence etc)
  7. Dragonballs at that point are used as prizes in battle priority is given to the fighters with dragonballs to have this battle. The loser must forfiet all dragonballs in their possession to the winner if a player has 4 or more balls then players with 2 or less balls must face each other before facing the player with 4.
  8. If players form a team around the dragonballs they must select one member to represent them in a fight if a team cannot decide upon a wish the ceremony will not go ahead until an agreement is made.
  9. You may only challenge someone for a dragonball once unless you are given a dragonball or made a teams representative fighter