The Mission Board has a selection of missions, jobs, or quests that characters can participate in for rewards.

Mission Format

Missions will be posted in sets. A set of missions is a self-contained set of connected missions that typically must be completed in order. Individual missions may have their own rewards, and there will be a reward for completing the entire set.

Occasionally, there will be optional missions in a set. They are not mandatory to complete a set, and must be completed before the final mission in the set - otherwise, the opportunity is gone forever. Optional Missions will not only have their own reward, but they will also provide additional rewards when the mission set is completed.

Missions Sets are posted in the following format:

  • Name of Set: The name of the set will be a heading.
  • Description: A brief description of what to expect.
  • Difficulty: Naturally, how difficult the set is going to be.
  • Set Reward: The reward for completing the mission set.
  • Optional Bonus: A bonus that is rewarded upon completing the set, if all optional missions are completed.

Missions themselves are posted in the following format:

  • Name of Mission: The name of the mission will be a heading under the set.
  • Requirements: This could be a level requirement, or state that you must complete other missions first, or any other requirements. If you do not meet the requirement, you cannot sign up for the mission.
  • Description: A brief description of what to expect.
  • Location: The location the mission will take place in.
  • Difficulty: How difficult the mission in question is.
  • Reward: The reward for completing the mission.
  • Participants: There will be slots under this section. Simply replace the "Slot" with your character's name.

Missions will begin after all participants are in the slot.

When you are in a mission, you are unable to enter Training Slots, Work Slots, Mission Slots, or Battle Slots anywhere else on the wiki.

Note that the restrictions on living or dead characters still apply, so a still-living character could not participate in an Other World mission unless they normally could.

Available Missions

Stop the Bubblegum Gang

  • Desciption: Five Majin have started causing trouble in East City! Stop their mischievous mayhem!
  • Location: East City
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Risk of Death: No
  • Reward 4,000Ƶ
  • Participants:
    • Alyra Noviera
    • Diventh
    • Celsus
    • Gwyn

Active Missions


Completed Missions