This is a blog to go out to everyone that had Christmas already/are having Christmas today. Now, this isn't going to be just an normal old blog. This blog will be followed by a ranking. Here's how it works

  1. What did you get for christmas this year?
  2. What did you GIVE to someone else for Christmas?
  3. Did you get what you wanted?
  4. Did you make other people happy?
  5. If you could give one person and/or character on the wiki something, what would it be and why? (Nothing sexual. I know you people >.>)

You must awnser these questions in the comments below. Juding on what you give, you will have a special ranking

  1. Santa's helper - This means you gave more then you got, and you made other people happy, even if  you ddin't get what you want.
  2. Give or take - This means you got the same amount of stuff as you gave to others. 
  3. Scrooge - This means you only got from other people, but didn't give anything back as a result. 
  4. Mini-Scrooge - This is a possible category for those people that wanted to get others something, but couldn't. If you are marked a Mini-Scrooge, tell on what you would have gave to someone in your life

I think that about does it. Merry Christmas everyone!!!