• SuperSaiyanSSj

    Son Gohan Jr.

    October 31, 2011 by SuperSaiyanSSj

    Gohan Jr. is the long lost forgotten son of raditzs. What everyone doesnt know is that raditz liked a human named amy and amy liked the saiyan raditz they talked then raditz went about his business with piccolo and goku. Somewhere along the line Gohan Jr. was born. He was named Gohan Jr. because amy felt that it would please his father. Gohan Jr. is a pure hearted teen. he isnt like his father he's more like his cousin Gohan.

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  • SuperSaiyanSSj

    Gohan Jr.

    October 16, 2011 by SuperSaiyanSSj

    Goahn jr. isn't the best fighter. But he comes from a long line of powerful saiyan's. Him being a hybrid gives him alot of power. But he hasnt lived up to his potenial yet. he is good friend with Ultimate travauntee. Gohan prefers to be called junior.Gohan Jr. trained alot to become has powerful has he could. But when he fought breezy she put a beam clean thewew his stomach. after passing he went to the supreme kai planet to train. While training something amazing happened, Gohan Jr. went super saiyan. Now Gohan Jr. likes to be Super Gohan Jr.!

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