Here is my next idea:

I think that depending on your speed compared to your opponets is a certain number of times you can dodge for instance. If you have 4 speed and your opponet has 20 speed. That means you can only choose 4 out of 20 times to dodge, and they have a 16 out of 20 times to dodge. So if you have 23 speed and they have 24. That is only a 1 speed difference. Meaning you can only dodge once and they can also dodge once. But if your speed is equal. Both of you can dodge 1 time. And once you run out of dodges you must take the damage head on. I think this idea may work but since I myself havent fully understand the whole RP battling thing this may or may not work. Your thoughts?

Also another idea. Is that since you have a 50/50 chance to get hurt while training with Weighted Clothing. And I have no idea what determines it. I say every 1 out 2 times you will lose 50 HP while training with it. Note: These are just my opinions.

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